The William Edgar Adams Memorial Lecture 2013

The Inaugural William Edgar Adams Memorial Lecture was given by Dr Miles Wislang in the Colquhoun Lecture Theatre of the Dunedin City Hospital on 10th April 2013.

Dr Wislang was introduced by Emeritus Professor of Neurology and distinguished Senior Research Fellow in Preventive Medicine in the University of Otago, Martin Pollock, once Senior Resident and Research Assistant for Professor Derek Denny-Brown in Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr Wislang’s first teacher and chief in Neurology at Dunedin Hospital in the late 1960s.

The lecture was 2 hours in duration and concluded with members of the audience coming down to the lecture floor to reflect on and dismantle and handle parts of a classic and precious take-apart Somso-Adam Rouilly late-19th-century model of the human torso, as have generations of medical students in their studies in the Dunedin Medical School since the late 1880s.

Adams Memorial Lecture

Video Credits

Producer: Miles Wislang
Cameras: Tristan Keillor & Mischa Reuben Wislang
Still Photography: John Wilson & Miles Wislang
Post-production: Greg Brookes of AV Productions, Auckland


Dr Wislang most gratefully acknowledges and thanks for their kind assistance, Professor and Senior Research Fellow Martin Pollock; Professor David Grattan, Head of the Anatomy Department of the Dunedin Medical School; Chris Smith, Museum Curator of the Dunedin Medical School Anatomy Museum; David Stiles, Gross Anatomy Manager and Mandy Bacon, Dissecting Room Technician, both of the Dunedin Medical School; Dr Richard German, Chief Medical Librarian of Otago Medical School; and esteemed colleagues and other medical and academic personnel who attended the lecture; as well as Anna Blackman, Curator of Archives & Manuscripts and Anna Petersen Assistant Curator of Photographs, both of the Hocken Library of the Otago University, for access to the extensive W. E. Adams archive in the Library’s collections; and staff of "Critic" Magazine of the Otago University Students Association, and the “Otago Daily Times”, for advertising the Inaugural Adams Memorial Lecture.

Persons wishing to view the video of the Lecture, which has not been generally released, should request an online link to it by using the form below:

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