Curriculum Vitae

BORN 1942, Christchurch, New Zealand.

PRIMARY EDUCATION: Wellesley College, Days Bay, Wellington.

INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION: Oxford Crescent Intermediate School, Upper Hutt.

HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION: Heretaunga College, Wellington.


1960 and 1961: Victoria University of Wellington: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Zoology; awarded 1960 Watson-Victor Prize for Zoological Dissection.

1962 to 1967: University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin: awarded New Zealand Medical Research Council Junior Scholarship; graduated Bachelor of Medical Science (Anatomy) with Distinction in Thesis, in 1964; and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1967; awarded the Douglas Iverach Prize in Clinical Medicine, and the Sir Gordon Bell Prize in Clinical Surgery upon graduation.


1968: Postgraduate training was begun in the Professorial Medical and Professorial Surgical Units, Dunedin Public Hospital.

1970 to 1972: work as surgical registrar in base hospitals, New Zealand

1972 to 1982: private practice in Auckland, during which I taught Anatomy at the Auckland School of Medicine under Professor John B. Carman.

1981 to 1983: lecturer in Anatomy in The Queen's University at Belfast, teaching medical undergraduate and surgical post-graduate students principally Topographic Anatomy and Embryology.

1982: Vascular and Cardiac Embryological research on the Boyd collection of human embryos in Cambridge University.

1983: Immunocytochemistry studies at the Royal Postgraduate School, Hammersmith, London.

1985: Topographic Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons, London

1986: Senior teacher at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv University, Israel, teaching Topographic and Clinical Anatomy to Jewish-American candidates for MD in the New York-American Program, and to Israeli students, including advanced students for MD who had already completed Ph. D. in biological sciences.

1988: EMMS Hospital, Nazareth, Israel; member of the senior surgical team

1988 to 1990: teaching Topographic Anatomy to medical undergraduates in the Bruce Rappaport Institute Medical School of the Technion of Israel, Haifa.

1988 to 1990: clinical surgical appointments at the Rambam and Rothschild (B'nai Zion) teaching hospitals, Haifa, Israel.

1990 to 1998: private surgical practice in Auckland allied to research into the microvasculature of free grafts, in particular their response to immediate profound hypothermia following harvesting, and the effects of that and other techniques (including intraoperative graft exsanguination and anticoagulant treatment) personally developed for maintaining graft vitality prior to transplantation. Research included the light and electron microscopic study of endothelium and basement membrane of small vessels in graft-host interfaces for free grafts subjected to hypothermia, exsanguination and anticoagulant treatment intraoperatively.

1994: presented results of original hypothermic grafting technique to seminars in 5 surgical and basic science disciplines at the Mayo Clinic and Medical School, Rochester, Minnesota, upon personal invitation of and hosting by Dr John T. Shepherd, MD.

1994: Presented results of human-applied hypothermic autografting technique to World Congress of the ISHRS in Toronto, Canada.

2002: Landmark research 90-minute movie documentary, made in the form of discussion-dialogue, with Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes: "The Teaching of Anatomy in the Development of Surgical Technique".

Photography: since 1955, portraiture, photojournalism, nature and scientific; including of landscape and winegrowing in New Zealand. 1985: One-man, invited 3-month exhibition at the Geology Section of the Natural History Museum, Kensington, London; a large-print colour photo-essay comprising 56 exhibits, titled "Valley Glaciation in New Zealand".

Family: 14 children; ages 46 years to 10 years.

Outdoor pursuits: Mountaineering, rambling, swimming, personal fitness, fresh and saltwater fishing. Carpentry, building, Arboriculture and Environmental Conservation.

Reading and Art pursuits: poetry, classic and modern novelists, biography, essay, sculpture, painting, drawing, Hebrew Bible, Physical and Social Anthropology,and Paleoanthropology; scientific and other writings, including Isaac Newton, Charles Sherrington, Jean Fernel, Richard Feinmann, Alexander Fleming, Gustav Fraenkel, Sigmund Freud, Eugene Bleuler, Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, R.D. Laing, Thomas Szaz, John Holt, Bruno Bettleheim, Claude Levi-Strauss, Erik Schwimmer, Kato Havas, Leopold Auer, Shakespeare, English poets, Maupassant, Daudet, Dostoevsky, Albert Camus, James Thurber, E.B. White, Charles Shultz. Drawing. Sculpture. Violin performance, since 1955, of baroque and classical sonatas and concertos, and of various short solo works, including Hebraic.

Currently writing the first biography of William Edgar Adams (1908-1973), the Third Professor of Anatomy in the University of Otago, New Zealand.